What is aluminium shutter window and door ?

A picture that I stumbled upon, then was instantly attracted. On a whim, I will talk to you about the shutter window that have been beautiful for a long time but have not been discovered.
In werklikheid, the original design inspiration of the blinds was still derived from the traditional Chinese mullion windows. Most of the people who have seen the Forbidden City will see the doors and windows of the Forbidden City. When they were introduced to Japan during the Tang Dynasty, they had a great influence on the Japanese Zen culture and there were also mullions And mullioned windows. Later it was introduced to the West to inspire craftsmen to make it into blinds, which is widely used in Europe and America.

NO.1 High sense-the shaping of light and shadow.

Unlike common blackout curtains or gauze curtains, blinds can simultaneously meet the needs of shading, semi-shading, and lighting, and can bring different artistic effects. , Let the space shaping also have a sense of high-level and reverie space.
It must be said that the sun room is the most suitable space with blinds, where you can enjoy the warmth of the sun through the blinds to adjust different angles. You can also feel the natural light and shadow swing through the gap of the blinds.

NO.2 Practicability—Applying multiple scenarios

There are many adjustment methods for blinds, S-shape and overlap are the most commonly used, which can bring different curtain effects. Nie-gebreekte brug-aluminiumvensters het nie tussenafskortings nie, the shading angle of the blinds can also be adjusted, and you can change the amount of entry and exit in any environment by controlling the blade angle. Meet the needs of various spaces and light.
The study room with blinds best reflects the charm and artistic atmosphere of the blinds. Natuurlik, the blinds can also adjust the most suitable reading brightness according to the needs of light.
Blinds can be used to create a variety of spaces in living rooms of various structures. The living room used for leisure needs higher ventilation and light sense, and the shutters can just meet.

NO.3 Flexibility-save space

Cloth curtains are generally more appropriate when purchased than when they are 1.8 times larger than windows, and double-layer curtains will be twice as heavy as blinds. The blinds, whether they are exposed or concealed, are less expensive than fabric curtains. Surface mounted blinds are hung on the outside of the window, and the length and width can be increased by about 10㎝ and 5㎝, respectively.
For large units, blinds can be used in large areas without worrying about the wall being occupied too much and there is no way to make other decorations or pressure on the weight.
Small apartments do not want to occupy too much space and become narrow and crowded shutters are the best choice. They only occupy the space of the size of the window, and the remaining walls can be exposed to make the space larger.
[Select different styles for different needs]

The shortcomings of the blinds will make a noise when the window is opened, and there may be a small gap in the full shading to leak light.

NO.1 The sound in the bedroom will indeed affect the rest. We can choose to fix the blinds to avoid the sound of collision when the wind rises.
NO.2 In the severely sanitary areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. For blinds that are more difficult to clean, it undoubtedly increases the cleaning burden. If you want to use the aluminum alloy material recommended by the blinds, it is convenient to scrub to reduce the contamination of oil stains and water stains.
NO.3 Do not add blinds as much as possible in the children's room where the child lives, which will affect the quality of the child's sleep.

Then small animals like babies should rely on adults to pay attention to them at any time to prevent them from hurting and prevent cats from scratching the blinds.
【Different shapes and different applications】

Blinds are not only used as curtains, but some cabinet doors, bedside furniture, ens. also have the shadow of blinds (mostly fixed hundred pages). In some Japanese and new Chinese styles, the shutter element is also used as a screen and partition.

NO.1 cabinet door

The cabinet door is mostly used on a single small cabinet or a folio door in a bedroom, with a fixed hundred pages as a decoration method.
NO.2 Common door

When the shutter is practical as a door, it is more suitable for a balcony, a sun room, or a bay window and a living room. It can adjust the amount of light and better ventilation.
NO.3 Partition, screen

In the decoration of the scene and the shaping of the style, the elements of the blinds are integrated into the partitions and screens, giving the room a new imagination of elegance and function.
【Shopping tips for blinds】

NO.1 Look at the material. The most commonly used blinds are PVC, aluminum alloy and solid wood. Prys: PVC <aluminiumlegering <solid wood. Aesthetically: aluminiumlegering <PVC <solid wood. Cost-effective: solid wood <aluminiumlegering <PVC. PVC shutters are the most commonly used, which are clean and inexpensive. If you want to choose aluminum alloy once and for all, as long as you choose it, it is basically the longest service life. It must be said that there is a class of literary and artistic beauty that is not solid wood, and to conquer various spaces and styles properly. But the final choice still depends on the actual situation and budget of the decoration.
NO.2 Look at the process. To determine the quality of the blinds, it is necessary to carefully check whether the blade gaps are even and flat, whether the blades are the same size, and whether there is an error in the color of all the blades as a whole.
NO.3 See use. When buying blinds, the tie rods and ropes must be confirmed on the spot. The flexibility after installation is a necessary condition for future use. Lifting test, opening and closing angle test and smoothness of pulling should be checked in advance.
NO.4 Look at the match. The above details have confirmed that one point cannot be ignored, Wat is termiese breek aluminium profiel ekstrusie, the overall match, we must think about the color of the blinds of the home improvement style in advance. Otherwise, it will be easy to regret. If you buy it in a physical store, you can check whether the whole is matched with the home improvement when checking the color matching.
【How to clean the blinds】

NO.1 Feather duster used. Often dust will not accumulate dirt and discolor or permeate the leaves.
NO.2 Unwipe with a damp cloth. The wet cloth should not be too wet and dripping. When wiping, pay attention to wipe both the front and back sides, as well as the fine seam (do not use a damp cloth for solid wood, spray and dry cloth to prevent moisture and mildew)
NO.3 Soak and expose to deep cleaning. For easy disassembly, it is best to take it down every few months and soak it in water for about 15 minutes. Then drain and dry.
NO.4 I really don't like moving or don't want to be too troublesome. The sponge brush for cleaning cups can be used as a decontamination artifact for blinds.


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