Aluminium profile for curtain wall
Aluminium profile for curtain wall
Aluminium profile for curtain wall
Aluminium profile for curtain wall
Aluminium profile for curtain wall
Aluminium profile for curtain wall
Aluminium profile for curtain wall

Aluminium profile for curtain wall

Aluminum profile is one of the most common use building materials in curtain wall. The curtain wall is located on the exterior surface of the building and is often affected by unfavorable factors of the natural environment, such as the sun, rain, sand erosion. ስለዚህ, it requires sufficient weather resistance and durability of curtain wall materials. With weatherproof, anti-sun, anti-theft, anti-impact, thermal insulation and other functions. The aluminum profile for curtain wall should be surface anodized, electrophoretic painted, powder sprayed or fluorocarbon paint spray treatment to ensure the durability of the curtain wall. ChangYuan Aluminum has more than 20 years experiences in curtain wall aluminum profile.

የምርት ዝርዝር

ግብረመልስ አሁን

Send the inquiry or send us an email to tell me the requirements, we will customised it for you.

ምርቶች መግለጫ:

1 የንግድ ሥራ ዓይነት አምራች
2 መደበኛ: ጊባ 5237-2008; EN755, ወዘተ,
3 የምርት ተከታታይ: የአልሚኒየም መገለጫ ለግንባታ ቁሳቁሶች እና ለኢንዱስትሪ ቁሳቁሶች.
4 ዋጋ: በናናታይ አልሙኒየም ኢቶት ዋጋ ላይ የተመሠረተ( + ክፍያን በማስኬድ ላይ
5 የክፍያ ጊዜ: ቲ / ቲ, ኤል / ሲ በእይታ
6 ማለስለስ; ማጽዳት; ማስተካከል: ሚሊ አልቋል, ማደንዘዣ, የዱቄት ሽፋን, ኤሌክትሮፊሻረስ, የእንጨት ጨርስ, የሙቀት ስድብ


7 አሎይ: 6063
8 ግዛት: T4 / T5 / T6
9 ርዝመት 1m-7 ሚ, በአጠቃላይ 5.85 ሜትር ለመያዣ
10 መደበኛ የአኖዲንግ ውፍረት: አጠቃላይ >10 ማይክሮፎን,
11 መደበኛ የዱቄት ሽፋን ውፍረት: >40ማይክሮፎን
12 ውፍረት: 0.4ሚሜ 0,5 ሚሜ 0.6 ሚሜ,0.8ሚሜ,1.0ሚሜ,1.2ሚሜ,1.4ሚሜ,2.0ሚሜ,3.0ሚሜ,4.0ሚሜ ወዘተ.

ሌላ መረጃ

13 ዋጋ የኤን.ኤን.ኤ. / LME ዋና የመመለሻ ዋጋ + በጣም ተወዳዳሪ የልወጣ ወጪ
14 ሻጋታ ፖሊሲ እያንዳንዱ ንጥል የተገዛው መጠን ይድረሱበት 1 ቶን, ተመላሽ ሻጋታ ክፍያ
15 ማቅረቢያ የጊዜ ሰሌዳ ውስጥ 20 ከትእዛዙ ጊዜ ጀምሮ ቀናት
16 የክፍያ ጊዜ 30% ተቀማጭ, የሂሳብ ክፍያው በ B / L ቅጅ ውስጥ 7 ቀናት
17 የማሸጊያ ደረጃ የውስጥ መከላከያ ፊልም, ከውጭ ማሽቆልቆል ፊልም ወይም ወፍራም ወረቀት
18 የምስክር ወረቀት SGS / TUV - ISO9001:2008 - ISO14001:2004 አር. ሮ
19 አጠቃቀም ተንሸራታች, ክስ, መስኮቶች, በሮች, መጋረጃ ግድግዳ, ኢንዱስትሪ, የጌጣጌጥ ጣሪያ, አጥር, አሳዳጊ
20 የዋና ዕቃ አምራች ብጁ የአሉሚኒየም መገለጫዎች ይገኛሉ

ChangYuan Curtain wall aluminum profile’s advantages:

Because of aluminum profile characteristics, aluminum curtain wall is now used in many industries.

1) Aluminum curtain wall has good rigidity, light weight and high strength. Aluminium veneer curtain wall panel has good corrosion resistance, and fluorocarbon paint can be legless for 25 ዓመታት.

2) Aluminum curtain wall has good workmanship. The aluminum plate can be processed into a variety of complex geometric shapes such as flat, curved and spherical surfaces by adopting the first processing and then spray painting process.

3) The aluminum profile curtain wall is not easy to be stained, which is easy to clean and maintain. The non-adhesiveness of the fluorine coating film makes it difficult to attach pollutants to the surface, and it has good cleanliness.

4) The installation and construction of aluminum profile curtain wall is convenient and quick. The aluminum profile is formed in the factory, and the construction site does not need to be cut, but simply fixed.

5) Aluminum profile curtain wall can be recycled and reused, which is good for environmental protection. The aluminum profile extrusion can be recycled 100%, and the recycling value is higher.

6) Aluminum profile and sheet curtain wall has unique texture, rich color and long-lasting, and the appearance and shape can be diversified, and can be perfectly combined with glass curtain wall material and stone curtain wall material. Its perfect appearance and excellent quality make it favored by the owners.

7) The aluminum profile light weight is only one-fifth of that of marble and one-third of glass curtain wall, which greatly reduces the load of building structure and foundation, and the maintenance cost much lower than the other building materials, high cost performance.



Building office, skyscraper, school building, stadium, gymnasium and building decoration.


የ CE ማረጋገጫ, ኤስ.ኤስ.ሲ., ISO9001, የ ISO14001 እና RoHS ማረጋገጫ

Why choose Changyuan aluminum for your curtain wall

1). We have the best sale team and technical team to support our customers.

2). QC team help you to get all the high quality aluminum profile.

3). Changyuan Aluminum has two production bases and more than 20+ years experiences in t aluminum industry.

4). A lot of experience to service the oversea markets.

ሁሉም የመጀመሪያ ምሳሌ ምርቶች ማለፍ አለባቸው 4 በጠቅላላው ሂደት ውስጥ ቼኮች:

  1. ጥሬ ቁሳዊ ምርመራ
  2. ምርመራውን በማካሄድ ላይ
  3. የመጨረሻ ምርመራ
  4. የወጪ ፍተሻ


Q1. If we are interested in your products and want to visit your factories, is it posssble?

YES!!! We are welcome all of our customers to visit our factories.

Q2. Is it possible we see the sample before place an order to you?

YES!!! We will give you the aluminum profile in curtain wall sample before you confirm the order. Sample free but the express fee need to pay by your side.

Q3. What kind color we can choose on the aluminum profile in curtain wall?

We will do the powder coating on the aluminum profile, which mean you can do all kind of color you want. You can choose the color from RAl color, then we will match it for the powder coating.

መልእክትዎን ይላኩልን:

አሁን ለይቶ ማወቅ
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