Преведете ви през стъпките на промишленото довършване на алуминиев профил

Стъпка 1: Industrial aluminum profile cutting
The standard size of industrial aluminum profiles is 6M (Европейски стандарт). Предпоставката за конструктивна конструкция на индустриални алуминиеви профили е нарязването на суровините според изискванията за размера на продукта. The seemingly simple process of industrial aluminum profile cutting includes a very high technical content and proficiency The cutting saw blade used for industrial aluminum profile cutting has a thickness of 3MM, then the 3mm size must be calculated in the cutting size of the raw material. The cutting error range based on the cutting saw rule alone can be maintained within 1mm. въпреки това, an experienced cutting master will calculate the cutting margin based on the overall size, and is fully capable of controlling the error range within the range of 0.2mm-0.5mm, which greatly improves the accuracy of the product.

If industrial aluminum profiles are used to make high-precision product structures, then this 0.3mm error will be a key step in ensuring product accuracy.

Step two: punching industrial aluminum profiles
Industrial aluminum profiles can be divided into general straight holes and stepped holes; this article mainly introduces stepped holes; the so-called stepped holes are a special drill bit punched into the upper and lower layers of industrial aluminum profiles, the main purpose is to The exposed part of the hidden bolt is not smooth, and the head of the frame is not smooth on the surface of the frame structure assembled with the stepped holes and bolts. It is also particularly suitable for high-precision instrument frames.

Стъпка 3: Industrial aluminum profile tapping
Tapping refers to thread tapping in the center hole unique to industrial aluminum profiles. The size of the tapping needs to be determined according to the bolts used in the assembly. Perforation and tapping has formed a non-ferrous material after years of precipitation in the use of industrial aluminum profiles. Standardized processes in the standard industry zone.

Well, the three points mentioned above are the processes involved in the finishing of industrial aluminum profile products. The seemingly simple process contains a very high technical content. Many finishing masters have explored dozens of seemingly simple posts. Years, summed up a wealth of experience, this is a valuable asset; in fact, the point of view of the strength of an enterprise is often overlooked by people, how many veteran technical personnel a company has, if a veteran technical worker After groping in a post for decades, then the knowledge he knows about the post is often greater than the amount of knowledge we have learned through theory.

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