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  • Tanca d'alumini o de barana
Tanca d'alumini o de barana
  • Tanca d'alumini amb soldadura
    Aluminum railing/fence with welding Changyuan Aluminum fence/railing with welding is one of the normal fence in our factory. It is special for the stair railing and balcony railing. The aluminum alloy guardrail does not need to be painted and maintained. It is old and new, which saves you the fatigue…
  • Tanca d'alumini amb vidre
    Aluminum fence with glass Glass is now a very common household fence for balcony guardrails. Al present, les tanques de vidre per als tipus balcons són principalment de vidre temperat. El vidre temperat és el vidre de seguretat. El vidre temperat és en realitat una mena de vidre pretensat. In order to improve the strength of…
  • Tanca d'alumini sense soldadura
    Aluminum Fence without welding Send the inquiry or send us an email to tell me the requirements, we will customised it for you. Changyuan aluminum alloy guardrail/fence is made of 6063 industrial aluminum. It is made by extrusion, aging, soldering, and high-temperature electrostatic spraying. The aluminum alloy guardrail does not…
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