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  • aluminium extrusion manufacturer

aluminium extrusion manufacturer

  • Pròifil alùmanum le anodizing

    Aluminum profile with anodizing Changyuan Aluminum has two workshop for anodizing and electrophoresis. Anodizing aluminum profile is the substrate was used as an anode, and electrolysis was performed in an electrolytic solution, and a protective oxide film was artificially formed on the surface of the substrate to form an alumina…
  • Aluminium profile with electrophoresis

    Aluminum profile with electrophoresis Aluminum profile with electrophoresis is letting the alumina material is used as an anode and is placed in a water-soluble latex. Direct current is applied to artificially deposit a protective coating layer on the surface of the aluminum oxide film to form an electrophoretic aluminum material.…
  • Pròifil eas-tharraing alùmanum airson V-slot

    Pròifil eas-tharraing alùmanum airson cleachdadh gnìomhachais V-slot ìomhaigh alùmanum Cuir an rannsachadh no cuir post-d thugainn gus innse dhomh na riatanasan, bidh sinn ga ghnàthachadh dhut. Chaidh pròifilean alùmanum a chleachdadh an toiseach ann an togail. Tha an teirm ìomhaigh alùmanum gnìomhachais cuideachd na fhacal ùr nach do nochd ach anns an…
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