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  • Cause analysis and repair method of aluminum profile extrusion machine parts damage
Cause analysis and repair method of aluminum profile extrusion machine parts damage

Cause analysis and repair method of perfil de aluminio extrusion machine parts damage
1. The whole is broken. When parts are subjected to external loads such as tension, compression, bending, shearing and torsion, fatigue fractures will occur in dangerous sections, such as guide column breaks, bolt breaks, and gear root breaks.

2. Excessive residual deformation. If the stress acting on the part exceeds the yield limit of the material, the part will produce residual deformation, such as bending of the shaft, deformation of the gland, etc..

3. The surface damage of the parts (the main reason). The surface damage of the parts is mainly corrosion, wear and contact fatigue, which are the forms of failure that gradually occur with the continuation of working time, such as the wear of the guide rail and the wear of the copper sleeve.

4. Failure caused by disrupting normal working conditions. For example, sliding bearings with liquid friction can only work normally when there is a complete lubricant film; if these necessary conditions are destroyed, different types of failures will occur, such as bearing overheating, gluing, wear and other failures, belt transmission Failure to skid.

Aluminum profile extruder is a heavy equipment for extruding aluminum profiles. Aluminum and aluminum alloy bars are extruded. The work load is large and the degree of wear is high. The following are some suggestions for the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment. :

1. Before feeding, the purity of raw materials should be checked to prevent foreign matter from entering the machine, so as not to damage the machine.

2. Check the lubrication level of the transmission parts at ordinary times to avoid wear and tear if the lubrication is not in place.

3. The aluminum profile extruder must carry out the seasoning and extrusion operation only when the forming die and the barrel reach the specified heating temperature, reducing the working intensity of the machine when extruding the profile.

4. The rotation speed of the screw should increase gradually from low to high, and the idle time in the barrel is less than 2-3 minutes.

5. The empty running time of the screw in the barrel, pay more attention to the working state of the main motor of the extruder.

6. Pay attention to the working state of the motor of the extruder at any time, and avoid being overloaded for a long time, which will shorten its service life.

7. The connection of various components should be checked. The fixing bolts should be operated according to the specifications to check for looseness.

8. Each lubrication part should be inspected every shift, whether it is fully lubricated.

9. The bearing temperature of the aluminum profile extruder should not exceed 50 ° C.

10. The residual material on the screw should be cleaned up in time.

11. After working every day, the residue left after the extrusion of the aluminum profile extruder should be cleaned in time, including the cleaning of the mold, screw and barrel.

12. Regularly clean the oil filter screen to protect the oil pump scribing plate and pump body. Properly check the difference between the temperature of the oil pump and the new oil pump with a thermometer, so that you can know the relative leakage of the oil pump. No matter how good the sealing conditions of the suction pipe, the oil pump has a certain suction situation, so you should pay special attention to the oil in the oil tank.

13. Maintenance is based on accumulated experience, usually on the machine to manually sense the temperature of the valve body of the machine.

14. Timely record and repair the problem, prevent the same failure next time, and have a certain sense of the speed of the machine so as to avoid the possibility of overhaul.

15. Be sure to keep the hydraulic oil clean. If there is a hole on the surface of the mailbox, it cannot be repaired properly. The special equipment is that the hole of the surface of the oil return pipe penetrating the tank must be sealed with rubber.

16. It is necessary to constantly check the machine pressure and normal pressure, and use the three currents of the ammeter to measure the motor to protect the normal operation of the motor to avoid burning or overloading the motor and causing sudden shutdown.

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