What is thermal break aluminium profile extrusion?

Broken bridge aluminum is also called heat insulation broken bridge alumínium profil, heat insulation aluminum alloy profile, broken bridge aluminum alloy, broken cold and hot bridge profile, broken bridge aluminum-plastic composite profile. It has more excellent performance than ordinary aluminum alloy profiles.

"Bridge" in the name "Broken Aluminum" refers to "cold and hot bridge" in the sense of materials science, and the word "broken" means action, that is, "break the cold and hot bridge".

Specifically, because the aluminum alloy is metal and has a relatively fast thermal conductivity when the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is much, aluminum alloy can become a "bridge" to transfer heat. Such material is used for doors and windows, and its thermal insulation performance is not Excellent. The broken bridge aluminum is to disconnect the aluminum alloy from the middle. It uses hard plastic to connect the broken aluminum alloy into one. We know that the heat conduction of plastic is obviously worse than that of metal so that the heat cannot easily pass through the entire material. The heat insulation performance will be improved, this is the name of "Broken Aluminum (Alloy)".

1) Broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows are the most advanced aluminum alloy doors and windows. It is the fifth generation of new thermal insulation and energy-saving doors and windows after wooden windows, iron windows, plastic steel doors and windows, and ordinary colored aluminum alloy doors and windows. Its surface can be painted in various colors.

⑵The structure of the color aluminum alloy doors and windows of the broken bridge is combined with the environmental protection of wooden windows, iron windows. The safety of steel windows is safe, and the commonness of the thermal insulation and energy saving of plastic steel doors and windows is composed of two different sections through energy-saving insulation strips The strip is also called nylon strip, and its main function is to play a role in disconnecting the heat transfer to prevent rapid or slow heat transfer. Its structure is more complex than ordinary aluminum doors and windows, and the cost is higher. Ordinary color aluminum does not have heat insulation strips, does not keep heat, and does not save energy, but only pastes on the surface.

(3) The cross-section wall thickness of aluminum alloy doors and windows with broken bridges strictly follows the national standards.

The wall thickness requirements must be above 1.4mm because the thin wall thickness is related to the assembly technology and the safety and security issues of the doors and windows. The wall thickness requirements of ordinary color aluminum doors and windows are not too strict, generally according to the market and the benefits of processing doors and windows, generally about 1.0mm.

⑷Assembly technical requirements for broken bridge colored aluminum doors and windows and ordinary colored aluminum doors and windows: The broken bridge colored aluminum doors and windows are cut at a 45-degree angle through a wall thickness of 1.4mm or more, and the corners are assembled through doors and windows with a special plug-in of more than 3mm A set of equipment. Extrusion positioning and ordinary doors and windows are made of ordinary corner aluminum of about 1mm connected by pull rivets. Its firmness and safety are poor, but the cost is low. And the assembled color broken bridge aluminum doors and windows will not cause any problems when the adult stands and walks. The technical requirements for the assembly of the complete equipment and the assembly by manual on-site operations are very different. Special aluminum bridge profiles and ordinary aluminum profiles cannot be compared.

⑸Broken bridge colored aluminum doors and windows must be customized by the professional production cycle of aluminum manufacturers. Its surface color treatment is professional and technical, and the service life is permanent. However, ordinary colored aluminum doors and windows are only made of any kind of ordinary aluminum materials. After professional treatment, paint a color you want. The technical treatment is not as professional as the aluminum manufacturer in place. The coating effect and service life will not be too good. It will fade and fade for too long. Bridge color aluminum doors and windows are characterized by a long production cycle, while ordinary color aluminum doors and windows have a short production cycle

⑹The design of the broken bridge color aluminum doors and windows is different from that of ordinary aluminum doors and windows. The design pattern of the broken bridge is atmospheric. The lighting is transparent and designed according to different spaces, while the ordinary aluminum doors and windows can only be designed according to the conventional design. The design of bridge and window opening windows are all large designs, and the special broken bridge casement window hardware is used, while any kind of hardware can be used, and the appearance is poor.

⑺The broken bridge window glass must be hollow glass 5mm + 9A + 5mm double-sided tempered, and ordinary color aluminum is generally single-layer glass, so the sound insulation and insulation effect of the broken bridge are good.

⑻Combined with the characteristics of high wall thickness and high alloy composition of the broken bridge, it is suitable for high-end residential areas of high-rise buildings, good resistance to wind pressure and load, good thermal insulation, so broken bridge windows are also called high-grade airtight windows.

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