Six factors affecting the price of aluminum profiles

Six factors affecting the price of profile din aluminiu
Many people inquire about the price of aluminum profiles. The editor tells you here that the price of aluminum profiles depends on the product you buy. Who will answer, the answer is uncertain. in orice caz, the editor compiled six factors that affect the price of aluminum profiles. You can estimate the price of the aluminum profile you want according to the following content.

The price of aluminum profile is generally "aluminum ingot price" + "processing fee" + "logistics cost" + "packaging cost" + "mold cost sharing +" purchase quantity ""

1. The price of aluminum ingots (you can go to the authoritative industry website to find the price of aluminum ingots for the day, which is usually updated at about 12 noon every day)

2. The processing fee, color aluminum is the surface spraying treatment, different powders are sprayed with different colors, the specific processing such as extrusion, aging, oxidation will not be elaborated, the processing fee varies according to the production process and other related factors, generally Between 4000-8000; (Recommended reading: To reduce the granular burrs on the surface of extruded aluminum profiles, four links must be strictly controlled)

3. Logistics is determined according to the volume, greutate, and shape of the goods. This can be consulted by the logistics company. The price of the route is different. If you want to go on the high speed, how many crossings and crossing costs must be considered;

4. Ambalare, the price of different packaging materials is different, for example, the weight of the stretch film and paper packaging is different, the stretch film is relatively light, and many aluminum factory packaging is also included in the weight of the material. The result can be imagined;

5. The cost of grinding tools is shared, the material size and structure are different, and the size and complexity of the grinding tools are different. There are 1500-15000 abrasive tools. This depends on the amount used. The more the amount, the lower the cost of the grinding tool. If the mold cost exceeds 10 tone, it can be negotiated and refunded in full.

6 Quantity of aluminum materials purchased: In general vorbind, we all have this experience. It is definitely cheaper to buy more quantity, and it is more expensive to buy less quantity, so the wholesale of aluminum material is very cost-effective.

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