Are aluminum alloy railings so good? What are the advantages of winning over stainless steel railings?

Are aluminum alloy railings so good? What are the advantages of winning over stainless steel railings?

What are the materials of the railing? Which is better? Today we will analyze the aluminum alloy railing and the stainless steel railing. I heard that the aluminum alloy railing is better than the stainless steel railing. So what are the advantages of the aluminum railing? Why do many people choose the aluminum railing What?
What are the materials of the railing? How about the aluminum alloy railing? The aluminum alloy railing has many advantages. Its advantages such as corrosion resistance, легкий вес, wide use, simple installation, так далее. make it very popular.

1. Устойчивость к коррозии:

Поверхность балконного ограждения из алюминиевого сплава плотно прикреплена к слою твердой пленки оксида алюминия., and after surface treatment, it can further strengthen its protection performance, so it has strong corrosion resistance, so in areas with air pollution or bad weather, They can be used with peace of mind and solve your worries about maintenance.
2. Легкий вес:

Its weight is much lighter than that of iron, steel and copper, but its hardness is not inferior. The lightweight aluminum alloy balcony guardrail is not only low-carbon and environmentally friendly, easy to handle, но и дешевле транспортировать. It is now a popular type Commercial building materials.
3. High hardness:

The hardness of the aluminum alloy guardrail can resist tensile force and large impact force, и его устойчивость лучше, чем у других традиционных строительных материалов.

4. The surface is exquisite and smooth:

Aluminum has unique advantages that can be applied to a variety of different surface polishing technologies. Paint, powder coating, анодирование, and electrophoresis are more common. The smoothest powder coating on the surface protects against ultraviolet light, and it can maintain bright luster for a long time without frequent maintenance. The powder coating is durable and available in multiple colors.

5. Widely used:

Widely used in communities, villas, factories, roads, duplex buildings, так далее.

6. Simple installation:

Easy to install, fully assembled, snap-on, no screws, no welding.

Advantages of aluminum alloy railings over stainless steel railings:

In comparison, stainless steel railings: 201 plates commonly used in the market are prone to rust, stainless steel 304.316 is expensive, and it is rusted due to air pollution, especially coastal salt corrosion for a long time, and the deposit is not yet It rusted when received. The color of the stainless steel railing is monotonous. Unlike aluminum alloy railings, colors can be matched according to the overall property.

Advantages of aluminum alloy railings over stainless steel railings:

В aluminum alloy guardrail material has unparalleled advantages. All kinds of alloys made of aluminum and various metal elements have light weight and high strength, and can be extruded into various new complex cross-section materials used in various periods.

Experts predict that in the future driven by the development of the real estate industry, aluminum alloy guardrails will remain the mainstream in the future due to their corrosion resistance, small deformation, strong fire resistance, долгий срок службы, охрана окружающей среды и энергосбережение.
Now that everyone understands the advantages of aluminum alloy railings? I hope you can choose according to your actual situation

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