Aluminium profile for interior trim
Aluminium profile for interior trim
Aluminium profile for interior trim
Aluminium profile for interior trim
Aluminium profile for interior trim
Aluminium profile for interior trim
Aluminium profile for interior trim

ChangYuan interior decoration aluminum profile is an aluminum profile in the architectural aluminum alloy profile, which is commonly used as a screen, aluminum window, and so on. It adopts the extrusion molding process, for example, the raw materials such as aluminum ingots are melted in the furnace, and then extruded through an extruder to form a mold. It can also extrude various profiles with different cross sections for door and window curtain walls or other buildings. it has the effect of decoration too.

Maelezo ya Bidhaa Maoni sasa

Tuma uchunguzi au tutumie barua pepe kuniambia mahitaji, tutakuchagua wewe.

Maelezo ya bidhaa:

1 Aina ya biashara Mtengenezaji
2 Kiwango: GB 5237-2008; EN755, na kadhalika.,
3 Mfululizo wa bidhaa: Profaili ya Aluminium ya vifaa vya ujenzi na vifaa vya viwandani.
4 Bei: Kulingana na bei ya Nanhai Aluminium Ingot(http://www.lvdingjia.com/) + Ada ya kusindika
5 Muda wa malipo: T / T., L / C wakati wa kuona
6 Matibabu ya uso: Mill kumaliza, Anodizing, Mipako ya poda, Electrophoresis, Kumaliza kwa Mbao, Matusi ya joto


7 Aloi: 6063
8 hali: T4 / T5 / T6
9 urefu 1m-7m, kwa ujumla 5.85m kwa kontena
10 Unene wa kawaida wa Anodizing: Wastani >10 ndogo,
11 Unene wa kawaida wa mipako ya unga: >40ndogo
12 unene: 0.4mm 0.5mm 0.6mm,0.8mm,1.0mm,1.2mm,1.4mm,2.0mm,3.0mm nk..

Habari nyingine:

13 Bei Bei ya msingi ya NH / LME + gharama ya ushindani zaidi
14 Mould Policy Kila kitu kilichonunuliwa kiasi kinafika 1 tani, refund malipo ya ukungu
15 Ratiba ya utoaji ndani 20 siku kutoka wakati wa kuagiza
16 Muda wa malipo 30% amana, malipo ya usawa dhidi ya nakala ya B / L ndani 7 siku
17 Kiwango cha kufunga filamu ya ulinzi wa ndani, filamu ya kupungua nje au karatasi nene
18 Vyeti SGS / TUV - ISO9001:2008 - ISO14001:2004 CE RoHS
19 Matumizi Teleza, chumba, madirisha, milango, ukuta wa pazia, sekta, mapambo ya paa, uzio, mlinzi
20 OEM Maelezo mafupi ya aluminium yanapatikana


ChangYuan aluminum profile for interior trim is suitable for Commercial Building, Airport, High Speed Rail/Station, Subway, Stadium, School, Park ,Meeting Room ,Villa, Office Building ,Hospital, Administration Building, Pavilion, Tunnel, Opera, Hotel/Club, Bank, Building/Workshop, Mall/Restaurant, Transportation, Library Room, Basement ,Parking Lot, Farm, Flyover/Pedestrian, Walkway, Toll station, gas station.

Products advantages:

Good toughness

Whether it's a aluminum extrusion profile for a home or a commercial one, the most important thing is to be resilient. ChangYuan aluminum profiles are higher in material quality than other materials, and have certain unique features in terms of overall shape and design. It has a strong toughness. What are the advantages of aluminum profiles? In use, in order to avoid scratches, its surface is also relatively smooth, even when it is in contact with some other materials, it will not corrode. Kwa hiyo, ChangYuan aluminum profiles are accepted by more and more people. In the minds of users, it is also the first choice in decoration. Not only is it durable, it is especially strong in use. Suitable for many occasions.

2.It is easy to clean and maintain

The reason why everyone will choose the aluminum profiles for interior trim, It is because ChangYuan aluminum profile will be more convenient to users. Some materials will be difficult to clean after falling, or the cleaning effect is not good, leaving traces. With the ChangYuan aluminum profile, people will see that their cleaning method is relatively simple, and the effect is very good, leaving no traces. When cleaning with a wet towel, there will be no effect. Kwa hiyo, the use of effects has always been very optimistic. It is easier to clean than other types of materials.

3. Rugged and durable

The ChangYuan aluminum profile for interior trim has a certain degree of toughness when used, so the sturdy and durable effect is also very desirable. While we are using it, we can see that it has certain advantages, and after long-term use, the material will not bended and the product will not be deformed. The design is also relatively beautiful, in line with the characteristics of fashion decoration, so this material is more and more people say optimistic. The experience can also gain more advantages.


Vyeti vya CE, SGS, ISO9001, Uthibitishaji wa ISO14001 na RoHS.

Our services:

  1. Sale team give you the support
  2. QC team ensure each product is in perfect condition
  3. Technical team support the technical issues
  4. After sales team promise give you a better sales experience
  5. Make sure each raw material is on good conditions


All prototype products have to go through 4 checks in the whole process:

  1. Raw material inspection
  2. In processing inspection
  3. Final inspection
  4. Outgoing inspection



Q1: If I want to place an order for the aluminum profile, what should I do?

Send an email to us, we will open an file for you, then review all the information you send to me.

After that, we will quote for you, and send the sample for you reference.

Q2: Do you have the QC for all the aluminum profile.

Before we make the aluminum profile/extrusion for our customers, we will review it in our factory, then after you confirm the sample we send to you, we will place the order to the factory. After we finished the products, we will check all the products is ok for you!

Q3: What surface treatment I can choose on the aluminum profile for interior trim

We can do mill finished, anodizing, electrophoresis and powder coating, you can custom made any color.

Tuma ujumbe wako kwetu: