Iiprofayili zealuminium zorhwebo zihlelwa ngokweemfuno zonyango lomphezulu

Industrial aluminum profiles have many advantages and can solve a series of problems that people encounter in life. Everyone can find industrial aluminum profiles anytime, anywhere in the surrounding environment of life, which is why. In fact, in order to meet the functional requirements of various types of construction and articles, the aluminum profiles in our lives will undergo relevant changes, and different types of industrial aluminum profiles will be used. Okulandelayo, we will learn more about this together.

Iiprofayili zealuminium zorhwebo zihlelwa ngokweemfuno zonyango lomphezulu:

1. Anodized aluminum

2. Electrophoretic coating aluminum

3. Powder coated aluminum

4. Wood grain transfer aluminum

5. Planed aluminum (divided into mechanical planing and chemical polishing, of which chemical polishing has the highest cost and the most expensive)

The arc surface of most industrial aluminum alloy profiles is required for high surface. Due to the characteristics of astigmatism, the badness of the arc surface can be clearly reflected! Ke ngoko, there is a reason for the above classification by surface treatment, and it is also to increase people's attention to surface treatment, and to perform more intuitive classification. If you see that you want to wholesale industrial aluminum profiles, our company can meet your needs in this regard.

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