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  • Aluminium ilẹkun&Ferese
Aluminium ilẹkun&Ferese
  • Ilẹkun Casement Aluminiomu & window
    Ilẹkun Casement Aluminiomu & ferese Ilekun ile Aluminiomu &window jẹ ara ti awọn window ati awọn ilẹkun. Ṣiṣi ṣiṣi ati ipari ti gbe pẹlu itọsọna petele kan, nitorina a npe ni "window window ati ilẹkun". Window window ati ilẹkun ti pin si iru titari-iru ati oriṣi ti a fikọ si. Awọn anfani rẹ jẹ…
  • Aluminiomu Ilẹkun isinmi ti ko gbona
    Aluminum Non thermal break door&window Non-broken bridge aluminum windows do not have intermediate partitions. The whole is made of aluminum alloy, and the metal's thermal conductivity is the strongest. Nitorina, its thermal conductivity, thermal insulation, and safety are not as good as thermal break aluminum door&ferese. Broken bridge aluminum doors…
  • Aluminium Sliding door&window
    Aluminum Sliding door&window Changyuan Aluminum alloy sliding door&windows are made by aluminum alloy building profiles with frame and fan structure. They are divided into ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows and broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows. Aluminum alloy windows are beautiful, sealed, and high in strength. They are…
  • Aluminium Thermal break door&window
    Aluminum Thermal break door&window Aluminum thermal break doors and windows is one kind of door & window that use insulated bridge aluminum profiles and insulating glass, which have the functions of energy saving, sound insulation, noise prevention, dustproof and waterproof. The thermal conductivity coefficient of broken bridge aluminum doors and…
  • Aluminium shutter door&window and roller shutter
    Aluminum shutter door&window/ roller shutter Changyuan Aluminum alloy shutter door and window are widely used curtains made in the shape of louvers. Aluminum alloy shutters are mainly composed of aluminum alloys that are not easy to rust. It is light and durable. Shutters are a kind of soft decoration for…
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