• aluminium extrusion manufacturer

aluminium extrusion manufacturer

  • 帶陽極氧化的鋁型材

    Aluminum profile with anodizing Changyuan Aluminum has two workshop for anodizing and electrophoresis. Anodizing aluminum profile is the substrate was used as an anode, and electrolysis was performed in an electrolytic solution, and a protective oxide film was artificially formed on the surface of the substrate to form an alumina…
  • 帶電泳嘅鋁輪廓

    Aluminum profile with electrophoresis Aluminum profile with electrophoresis is letting the alumina material is used as an anode and is placed in a water-soluble latex. Direct current is applied to artificially deposit a protective coating layer on the surface of the aluminum oxide film to form an electrophoretic aluminum material.…
  • V槽鋁擠出輪廓

    Aluminum extrusion profile for V-slot industrial use aluminum profile Send the inquiry or send us an email to tell me the requirements, 我哋將為您定製. Aluminum profiles were first used in construction. The term industrial aluminum profile is also a new word that only appeared in the…
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