• 什么是工业铝型材加工方法?

    The processing of industrial aluminum profiles mainly includes forming and surface processing. 1. Forming process There are roughly two methods for processing and forming aluminum alloys: extrusion and rolling. Extrusion is a common molding method for industrial aluminum profiles. 第一, an aluminum profile mold is made according to the profile…
  • 如何选择工业铝型材框架哪些应注意购买工业铝型材时

    现在, the development direction of industrial aluminum profiles is gradually being used by enterprise factories. What should be paid attention to when purchasing industrial aluminum profiles? 1. The application of industrial aluminum profiles is destined for the selection of aluminum profiles. Aluminum profile frame? Aluminum profile instrument cover? Aluminum…
  • 工业铝合金型材根据表面处理的要求分类

    Industrial aluminum profiles have many advantages and can solve a series of problems that people encounter in life. Everyone can find industrial aluminum profiles anytime, anywhere in the surrounding environment of life, which is why. In fact, in order to meet the functional requirements of various types of construction and…
  • 带你穿越工业铝型材精加工步骤

    步 1: Industrial aluminum profile cutting The standard size of industrial aluminum profiles is 6M (欧洲标准). 对于工业铝合金型材的结构构造的前提是根据产品尺寸要求切割原料. The seemingly simple process of industrial aluminum profile cutting includes a…
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